Mr. Cope aka Cee Copland, started his musical career at the age of 14 with a boom box and a built in mic.  He was able to lay down one track at a time but using several tape transfers, Copeland taught himself basic recording arts.  Over his formative years Copeland continued his self education grasping recording techniques and eventually learning to take his musical ideas and produce them into instrumental beats.  


Earning his degree in Recording Arts from Full Sail on 2004.


Mr. Cope returned to the Atlanta area where he started a label called Money Hungry Records with a business partner. A seasoned engineer and producer, Mr. Cope quickly established himself in Atlanta’s musical scene. Working with well known artists like T.boz, and Ronnie Devoe, his reputation grew as a skilled sound engineer.  Mr. Cope eventually opened a small studio called The Black Cherry Room to continue his work as a producer.  After producing several records for some of Atlanta’s underground hip hop artists,  


Mr. Cope continued to branch out in the Atlanta area working out of several studios with artists such as Laura Reed, Bird Man,  Camillionare,  Big Sean, Justin Bieber, T.I., Iggy , Justice League, Blue June , Yelawulf, Keyshia Cole, Slaughter House, J. Cole, Cyhi The Prince ,Organized Noise , Nappy Roots and Usher to name a few. Mr.Cope continues to create good music and build his network.


For booking Info please call or text 678 768 3717 or email

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